What’s Gildehard Günsburg doing at the Dachsteinkönig?

Children’s product manufacturer Sigikid at the family hotel Dachsteinkönig

Testimonial Gildehard Günsburg, the bear from children’s brand sigikid and high-reach bloggers were part of our successful cooperation with Dachsteinkönig. Well- thought-out storytelling on social media and strong engagement thanks to attractive promotions attracted considerable attention among affluent families. A successful example of the use of synergies to reach overlapping target groups.


Our LINKING BRANDS campaign services:

+ Blogger mustering & hosting at the Dachsteinkönig Hotel, with sigikid products

+ Extensive social media storytelling

+ Great Jubilee Prize Draw

+ Free goody at the sigikid online shop

+ Gildehard on a visit to the Dachsteinkönig Hotel

+ Year-round reciprocal advertising


Campaign snapshots