What’s the perfect drink for the “Velden White Nights”?

Teekanne Teyo is more than Iced tea!

The tea company Teekanne was launching a new product – a health and trend-conscious cold tea beverage called “TEYO”. We not only organized the presentation during the 2018 Velden White Nights on Lake Wörthersee, but also ensured that bloggers were on the spot beforehand to bring stories of the new lifestyle beverage and the attractive, fashionable destination Lake Wörthersee to the hip, modern target group.


Our LINKING BRANDS campaign services:

+ Blogger trip, including a campaign photo shoot on Lake Wörthersee

+ Advertising the “Velden White Nights” and the “Yoga in White” events through both partners

+ Online promotion of the beverage and the event on the channels of Teekanne and Lake Wörthersee

+ A Teekanne prize draw to win tickets for the “Velden White Nights”


Campaign snapshots


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