All good things come in threes


Looking for synergies

New connections unleash unimagined energies– as we know from many years of experience. We are Austria’s leading agency for international brand partnerships, with an exciting network of prestigious and successful brands.

We don’t organise short-lived Tinder dates, but instead bring soulmates together. We thus create synergies that are lasting and effective.

We go beyond sectoral boundaries and look for partners according to whether they fit well together and whether they mutually benefit one another. We then foster that partnership assiduously and attentively.

We’re based in Vienna. Here, we have the right environment to develop our ideas and to help partnerships come to life, and it’s from here that we pass on our inspiration to our customers throughout Europe.


Our services

We offer our customers 360° brand partnerships – concept, implementation, support and follow-up work.

+ Acquisition – Finding and linking brands

+ Conception – Working out the operational side of the brand partnership and developing the idea in depth

+ Project management – Coordinating the brand partnership, being the interface for our partners and ongoing optimization of the marketing measures

+ Extensive marketing portfolio – Classic advertising, such as print and TV, event and distribution marketing, as well as online marketing on social media and with influencers

+ Success monitoring & success report – Detailed clippings and compilations of all evaluations in order to make success visible